Meeting Transparency for Boards and Committees.

Easily manage and deliver all media and meeting content to the public.

How We Help

  • Live Streaming

    Access to live meeting from most devices.

  • On-Demand

    Complete library of video and audio content.

  • Agenda Integration

    Automatically link all the agenda and supporting documents content.

  • Citizen Engagement

    Promote transparency with complete access to meeting content.

Whether or not the law in your area mandates it, the public expects complete and convenient access to all governmental agency meeting content. Providing this transparency comes with significant technical hurdles and can steal both time and staff resources.

SuiteOne eliminates the complexity of providing true transparency to the public, giving citizens instant access to all meeting content including agendas, minutes and supporting documents. Everything is synced to your agency’s video and audio content for quick lookups on specific topics or meetings. SuiteOne even aggregates citizen viewership, keyword searches and website traffic patterns for the utmost insight into your constituency’s interests.